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Water is Life

I've been supporting, watching, and trying to help many Indigenous groups I follow. The passion I see in the support of the land, water, people is very much in line with what we as humans should all be feeling. I've attended many protests and supported many camps but if we all don't do it, it's not going to work!

The above photo was taken by me at the, I believe first, #indigenouspeoplesmovement protest in DC back in I think 2018 or 2019.

I'm watching #stopline3 movements and see that so many are unaware that since #StandingRock the earth is still threatened by these oil companies.

Check out IG #indigenouspeoplesmovement #giniwcollective and find ways to donate, volunteer and support these water protectors. They're being jailed with high bails for setting up camps and protesting protection of sacred lands. This protection is essential for our future if we do not protect it who will? What will we leave our children? Who are we if that's how we treat the gift of earth?

The above photo is from the #indigenousenvironmentalnetwork FB page of the recent protest against #line3 photo by #greenephotographyllc I was unable to attend this protest. This photo I shared from their FB post.



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I dabble in many, good at few.

I am passionate about Midwifery and the nurturing of all things natural, starting with birth.

I love herbs and how amazing their medicinal properties are.

I want to do more than is possible in a lifetime so I started this blog to be the outlet for my creativity.

I hope you enjoy watching us grow, learn, and love. 

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