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Advocate, Protest, and RALLY!

Do you take your kids to protests? I always have. I always felt it was good to show them that this is one of the freedoms we are fighting for in this country. We live in a country that if we feel an unjust has occurred we go and fight for the just of it. I also wanted them to know that they should always stand up for what they felt was right.

As protests and rally's start to become a bit more dangerous I worry. I hesitate. I let fear win, unfortunately. I won't ever stop fighting but I do ask, do you take your littles?

Anti-Trump Rally

This one did get a little dangerous at the end with some crazy confederate loonies

when we advocated for non-gmo food

When we demanded safety for the future with recognition of climate change

That time in DC when we Marched for Our Lives because 17 people, in our neighborhood, had to die at the lack of gun control in this country

When we demanded a cleaner vaccine for the safety of our children



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