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Calendula or however you say it!

Whether you prounounce it 'Kah lend u lah' or 'kal en doula' it's still an herb I talk about OFTEN in my practice!

The main reasons I talk about it is for my newborn babies. The fresh baby skin isn't use to so many new materials, feels, and scents and because of this we often seem some rashes. I made a wonderful "butt balm" for this since Calendula is SO good for healing skin issues.

Since Calendula also encourages collagen production and inhibits collagen degradation I like to use my butt balm on my face too!

The list goes on and on but these are a few good points this wonderful medicinal flower can assist with. How do you use Calendula?

~Midwife Gelena



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I dabble in many, good at few.

I am passionate about Midwifery and the nurturing of all things natural, starting with birth.

I love herbs and how amazing their medicinal properties are.

I want to do more than is possible in a lifetime so I started this blog to be the outlet for my creativity.

I hope you enjoy watching us grow, learn, and love. 

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