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Regenerative Farms and Soil Health

I recently watched the movie #Kisstheground and I was floored! I can't believe there are simple ways to help climate change and not EVERYONE is running to support this!

One of the things about the movie is that I really wished that they provided a place where we could get more info about farms in our area, or ways we can help support farmers, ranchers, and land owners who do this. WELL had I gone to their website I would have seen that they do have ways to support and help!

Check out their site and find ways to support this!

First, what is regenerative farming? Well here's a google search breakdown: Regenerative agriculture is a holistic land-management practice that uses the power of photosynthesis in plants to sequester carbon in the soil while improving soil health, crop yields, water resilience, and nutrient density.

This process actually reduces the our global warming problem that we have at a much faster rate than us trying to buy metal straw vs. plastic for example. So #tilled farms are bad, #tilling in general is bad. Creating #soilhealth is the way to solve SO many of our climate issues.

However, me being me, I dug a little and also found some great sites to help you support these types of farms in your area.

check out;

#regenerativefarmersofamerica is a great link to help you find some farms in your area who do good farming practice.

If you are in South Florida here are some farms I found:

#Shadowoodfarm in Stuart

Further south you have:

#solcityfarm is a Miami based farm!

Do your part, support these regenerative farmers and keep our soil healthy so we can #savetheplanet

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