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Prodromal Labor

These are contractions that can be fairly regular and can be painful like active labor contractions, more so than Braxton Hicks contractions, but do not increase in intensity or cervical change.

Why is this no good? Prodromal labor can tire you out and use up the energy you'll need for active labor and delivery.

There are a few reasons we can have prodromal labor;

Fear/Mental Blocks

Baby's Position

Clearing your mind with Meditation can really help with the mental blocks and fear. Doing Spinning Babies and Miles Circuit exercises can help move the baby into a better position along with loosening your ligaments for birth.

There are also a few herbal suggestions that can help: (always discuss with your provider first)

-Tulsi -Wood Betony -Linden -Skullcap -Passionflower -Chamomile -Calamus -Rose -Elder flower -Ghost pipe

These herbs can help address emotional feelings like being stuck in your head, grumpy, avoiding your body, nervousness, grounding, letting go of things you want to control, anxiety, emotional boundaries, overstimulation.

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