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I love being a Midwife. Seeing a baby take it's first breathe is amazing and I am blessed to have this role. However, there is something special about partaking in the celebration of a woman becoming a mother. Learning about the many traditional celebrations throughout the world it is always awesome to see communities, villages, and families honor the grandeur role of birth. It should be celebrated, honored and respected.

For my 5th baby, I was blessed to have Midwives for my caretakers. They introduced me to a Native American celebration called a Blessingway. I was beyond moved. I have never felt more celebrated, honored or respected during any of my pregnancies then when my sister Midwives gathered for me to celebrate the life inside.

It was that moment when I realized ALL women should know about this and participate in this for their transition.

This is when I began hosting this event for the women in my community. I have continued the tradition and enjoy each and ever moment of it!

Past clients gather, pregnant moms gather, we welcome our energy into the space, we cleanse the space with herbs, we soak their feet in herbs and salt, we eat, we share stories, we connect with beads for the journey ahead, we burn fears, and we celebrate!

I am looking forward to my upcoming Blessingway/Moon Celebration Oct. 9!

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