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Lavender for today

The many ways I love and use lavender. Let's begin with at home and how lavender helps. Because we have so many people in our family it tends to get loud and rambunctious around here. It's often hard to get so many personalities calm and I've found lavender along with a few other relaxing herbs/oils are extremely helpful. I can put it in my diffuser, I can make a tea, and I can soak in it.

What about in my Midwife life? Well, lavender and I go way back and remain super close with my birthing mama's. This is great to help moms who are having a tough early stage of labor or early active and want help relaxing. It also is one of the many herbs I put in their sitz bath, or the postpartum herbal bath, to help with the healing and cleansing of the vaginal area post delivery.

Let's not forget it's great for burns, fungus, and bacteria on the skin. So whether you use the oil, or the flower, it's one you want to have on hand at all times!

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