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The shit I do for my kids..

I know we all do crazy stuff for our kids but when it comes to Emily, I admit, I go a bit crazy. Due to her autism and ALL that this crazy disability has taken from her life I want to give her more! Each child with autism falls into a different ability type. Some can blend so well with neurotypicals that you can't tell and some show their disability a bit more on their sleeve and it can scare some away. Em falls into a weird slot, it's been that way forever and it's made this journey difficult because of that. Anytime we can't fit one into a slot they tend to fall by the waste side.

I refuse to let that happen to her. Until my last breathe, I will advocate for her so she can have the best life possible. It's the least I can do since each moment is such a struggle for her. She suffers from uncontrollable OCD/Anxiety disorder with her autism, like off the charts per many doctors. I'm a big naturopath lover and even at one point tried pharmaceuticals. They didn't help (after trying about 3 different ones and doses) and so I dug deeper into my natural remedies. We've finally, at 19, have found a blend that will suffice to give her a better quality of life. During our trials of helping her we had a dark period in our family. Parents of autistic kids have an 80-85% divorce rate, it ain't no joke folks. Not to mention Emily has 4 other siblings that definitely have had to put their wants and needs on hold to address the present meltdown or repetitive talk (which is ALL CONSUMING).

One day we stumbled upon Harry Potter. THANK YOU #JKROWLING, like THANK YOU FOR EVER. Also thank you for allowing Warner Bros to make it into movies. I'm not sure what it is that she loves so much, aside from it's a WONDERFUL book and movie series, but she really just connected with these characters. We've been able to incorporate healthy redirection, distractions using the movies, the characters, pictures, and the books from SERIOUS meltdowns.

19 year old meltdowns are NOT the same as 3 year old meltdowns. Let's just get that straight right now. It could shut down a live LOUD concert if she wanted.

Now we can start talking about Hermione, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or the Twins and Luna and suddenly we see a smile again.

She loves to make lists and she will write lists upon lists with what each characters favorite color might be, or favorite Starbucks drink is, it's adorable and soothing for her.

Sooo, she has now started to ask if she could meet them. I tried to explain how busy they are but I figure what the hell??? Let's make a video, share and see what we get!

Here's my heavy tagging and sharing and fingers crossed praying for the best. #harrypotter #jkrowling #goldentrio #hermionegranger #dracomalfoy #lunalovegood #danielradcliffe #emmawatson #rupertgrint #tomfelton #universalstudiosharrypotterworld #hogwarts #autism

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