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Mom Life as a Midwife

Or Midwife with a Mom Life? Either way it's nuts, overwhelming, and likely self-destructive! I knew what I was getting into though, when I started the journey. At that time I had only 4 children...only, LOL. I had a 6 year old, a 5 year old and twin 2 year old's, let's start Midwifery school, NOT! Being a Gemini with major impulsive behaviors the plan was in motion as the thought began.

Either way, 13 years later and an extra child now (total 5) I'm SO glad I did it all. I work well under stress. Maybe that's why I chose Midwifery? Maybe that's why I had 5 kids? Either way, it works for me. Am I tired? HELL YES. EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. DAY. My life is fun though, I meet crazy wild people I'd never meet if I wasn't a Midwife. I learn amazing things from these 5 amazing humans that call me Mom. So to begin my forum here's my intro of my crazy life.

Hope you enjoy all the posts to come and opportunities for discussion and further growth and ideally, change.

Oh did I forget to mention the dog we have, and the cat, and the 9 chickens? Let's not forget the good ole' Greek Tortoise Opa we own as well. Yup.... what were we thinking!

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