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Did you have a Midwife?

Lately, I've been seeing us local Midwives struggling to hire other Midwives. Why is there a decline of Midwives in our area and possibly other areas as well? I stumbled across this article which I think targets some possible reasons.

For me, I think it's a few reasons:

  1. Lack of education from our Medical society on the extreme benefits of Traditional Midwifery care for low-risk women

  2. Insurance hasn't caught up to the realization that we are cheaper than a hospital birth for these low-risk women

  3. Burn-out. We as Midwives get burnt out because we do the job of 3+ professionals and get reimbursed for maybe 1. We give because it truly is a deep, internal calling for us to nurture the amazing creation of life but the compensation isn't there.

Here's us in action for hours on end:

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