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Business Insider: Homebirth During a Pandemic

Just remembering that beautiful time when Business Insider did a report on the rise of Homebirths during the pandemic. It was awesome MINUS their little oops with the INCORRECT data provided about death rates with newborns! They were informed and told to update.

The rise of COVID 19 not only brought on panic for the world but it brought on the rise of Homebirths for families who may not have thought of a homebirth otherwise.

When families started to learn about the restrictions being placed on them during labor the panic set it and they began to look for alternative birthing options. Midwives have been around since biblical times. They were the ones who attended births for all women and as we modernized they became the norm for low-risk women.

Here is a great article written by Business Insider on the rise of Homebirths during the Pandemic as they follow our client Jessica Nixon through her journey to her homebirth.

*Please note the Business Insider will be changing their inaccurate statement on "newborn deaths are doubled for out of hospital births" to the updated information posted by MANA.

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