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The mom, the activist, the herbalist, the MIDWIFE...

I dabble in many, good at few.

I am passionate about Midwifery and the nurturing of all things natural, starting with birth.

I love herbs and how amazing their medicinal properties are.

I want to do more than is possible in a lifetime so I started this blog to be the outlet for my creativity.

I hope you enjoy watching us grow, learn, and love.

The man behind the magic:

He was a stock broker for many years, and a damn good one. Stopped his work to help nurture mine. He's the facilitator of the crazy ideas I have. 

The kids behind the craze:

5 amazing humans, 5 wild personalities. 2 with Autism, a set of twins, and a know-it-all. Without them, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.

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